The ray gun is the most powerful weapon there is in zombies. It is good because of its fire rate, damage, and ammo. The ray gun is red with many odd characteristics about it. It can only be found from the mystery box. When you upgrade it in the pack-a-punch machine, it is called Porter's X2 ray gun. The ray gun shoots green ovals out the end of the gun which zaps the zombie sometimes penetrating into the zombie behing it. I heard when you upgrade it, it bec9mes automatic and you can hold the trigger down to shoot rapidly at zombie. This gun was first created in the earlier call of duty game, World At War. below is a graph that shows the damage, fire rate, ammo, and accuracy. They are shown in a number 1-10. 1 is worse, and 10 is very good.

Damage Fire rate ammo Accuracy
9 8 7 9